‘Fifteen Minutes With You’ – the book of the blog – is now available in full colour paperback to pre-order from FBSpublishing.  It contains twenty-four interviews about The Smiths and Morrissey from famous fans and music collaborators.

The book has a foreword by Andrew Paresi and a rare and beautiful shot of Morrissey on the front cover, by Kevin Cummins.  I’m beyond words of delight that these guys are involved.  

The interviews were pre-selected for publication by FBS Publishing in early summer of 2014.

Full list of interviews:

Kevin Armstrong, guitarist/co-writer Morrissey

Mark Bedford, bassist, Morrissey

Jonny Bridgwood, bassist, Morrissey

Spencer Cobrin, bassist, Morrissey

Kevin Cummins, photographer, The Smiths and Morrissey

Clive Langer, producer, Morrissey

Mark Nevin, guitarist, Morrissey

Andrew Paresi, drummer, Morrissey

Vini Reilly, guitarist, Morrissey

Grant Showbiz, producer/sound engineer, The Smiths

Stephen Street, producer/co-writer The Smiths/Morrissey


Frankie Boyle, comedian

Julie Hesmondhalgh, actress

Boyd Hilton, reviews editor, Heat Magazine

Sean Hughes, comedian

Shaun W Keaveny, DJ, BBC6 Music

Amy Lame, Presenter, DJ, Entertainer

Jose Maldonado, singer, Sweet and Tender Hooligans

Chris Packham, TV Presenter and conservationist

Steve Parish, Chairman Crystal Palace FC

Samuel Preston, singer, Ordinary Boys


Dickie Felton, Morrissey International Airport, The Day I Met Morrissey

Tony Fletcher, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Dave Haslam, DJ, Journalist and Author

The above twenty-four interviews are no longer available to read on juliehamill.com, however, some still exist to provide bonus colour pictures of interviewees and other images relevant to the text in the book.  New ‘Fifteen Minutes With You’ interviews will continue to be posted on juliehamill.com as they become available. 

I would like to thank the Mozarmy for the encouragement, support and push.  If it wasn’t for your ‘Fifteen Minutes’ wouldn’t exist as a very wonderful thing.  I dedicate it to you.  

Morrissey, I’ll leave the hall light on for you.



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